General instructions
1. The possibility to create a random password by the user whenever you want to press STOP to create a password that is not random by the user.
2. Power Off or Off Press BOOT USB to press any key (F11) Each computer is different
press CTRL + ALT + DELETE to start the computer to copy the password manually. This method is stored on the disk to restore the password. Manually.
3. Take the disk to another computer In order to know the password, the user's last disk created in the user name file at the end of the list is found in the last password.
4. In the computer option to enter the disk to enter the file. Created on the user name to reach the end of the list Double click on the password puts you into the system.
5. Any entry to the USB disk setting will not be detected if you do not set it.

6.If you do Bit Locker to disk and forget the disc with the last password can not log in. It is important not to lose the disk

7. If the disk is removed, the last password is saved on the disk The system continues to generate passwords but the password does not change when the disk is inserted.